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Submitted on
July 9, 2011
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Introduce us to your character:

Introduce yourself!

Welcome, both of you.

What do you think is the funniest thing in the world?

What is your opinion on clowns?

What about red noses?

And those fake glasses with the big noses and weird-looking mustaches?

And what's the greatest holiday ever?

Who's the funniest person you know?

What's the longest amount of time you've laughed straight through?

And the strangest person you know? (Yes, the funny and the strange are different things, but they don't have to be different people.)

You may have noticed I just blindfolded you...
What do you think I'm going to put under your nose for you to smell?

And what am I going to put in your hands in a minute?

Okay, blindfold can come off now!

When's the last time you went to the circus?

*poke poke poke* I'm poking you!

What is your reaction to children's laughter?

Did you ever want to join the circus when you grew up?

What do you think when peanut butter gets stuck to the roof of your mouth?

Does cotton candy tickle your mouth?

What's your favorite candy?

And ice cream flavor?

Sorry how strange this interview order was, but oh well!
Last question:
What would you say if I changed you back into an eight-year-old in five minutes?
Yep. Been planning this for a bit... Anyway, I'll submit to a few places, but this is mainly for my group: :iconoc-interviews:. It's a kind of contest.

Rules (specifically for the group):
1. Filled out with you and ONE OC. Preferably not a fanfic OC, or even one created as part of a canon world.
2. Comment with a link and place it in the "Just for Laughs" folder in my group.
3. There can be any amount of swearing, explicit content, etc. I really don't care, just so long as there's only a warning! (I'm under 18.)

Can be any type of OC, of any age, race, etc. :)

I'll write a journal about it and whenever the due date ends up being I'll close the folder and we can have some voting.
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InuYasha-11 Featured By Owner Feb 28, 2012  Student Digital Artist
This was so much fun to do with my OCs. :)
ChickyChicky003 Featured By Owner Dec 14, 2011
Is the contest still going?
ExquisitelyExplicit Featured By Owner Dec 14, 2011  Student Writer
To be honest, it never actually started.
ChickyChicky003 Featured By Owner Dec 15, 2011
Oh. Okay.
ExquisitelyExplicit Featured By Owner Dec 15, 2011  Student Writer
:P If you'd like to help, I'd love to try again though.
ChickyChicky003 Featured By Owner Dec 15, 2011
Looks like fun!
ExquisitelyExplicit Featured By Owner Dec 15, 2011  Student Writer
ChickyChicky003 Featured By Owner Dec 16, 2011
This would be fun with almost any character...
ExquisitelyExplicit Featured By Owner Dec 16, 2011  Student Writer
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infublo Featured By Owner Jul 19, 2011
ooh ooh mememememememememememememememememe!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i only have killjoy OC's but can you write one of Mezz and Nacht and just like have it be from you and not in the contest thingamabob?
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